Location:Novi, MI

About Motherbound: My name is Ami altho some decide to call me Amy. I am 14 and live with my mother and stepfather. I am half japanese and half korean moved to america. I sometimes forget to close out of my web browser or messengers when I go to sleep or school, so I apologize for that but that kind of stuff happens. I tend to listen to the "emo" and "pop" type music. English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese doesn't much bother me if there is no 10 minute soloing and or screaming it is music to my ears nyaa. I play random games online and am a nerd like that. I don't play shooters. I prefer some fighters and mostly RPGS. Wii FC = Yeah... just ask me Xbox360 GT = naotoXshirogane PS3 Name = MotherBound The Rare Item Hunter of "Love" and "Courage", Mirei Kurokawa is here!